About Jacqueline

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I’m a recovering alcoholic– or at least I believe so. I am switching from Whiskey as my sports drink to something else… any suggestions? Hah, don’t take me too seriously on this one. I am a warrior mum to a wonderful 5 year old babygirl who has taught me about the strength of will, something I might have lost touch with along the way. Endeavoring to re-cultivate that awesome of a quality within myself in a positive way, I will be using this space as a life tracker.

I have always been an adventure enthusiasts with an active lifestyle, but somehow LIFE happened and my routines were distrupted. Being a great believer that physical fitness correlates to mental well-being, I recently joined Fitocracy to get addicted to fitness (again) and am very determined to push it up a couple more notches. I’m a bodyweight junkie, veggie eating monster that is not afraid to lift heavy. Join me on Fitocracy and “log your workout for today”; take action and feel inspired– this program/app is absolutely free. Let’s sweat together!

I could ramble on about me me me, but I would rather let the pages unfold as I journey on with my exotic voyages and wonderful discoveries in life.  Oh, and what I do for work? I’m the owner and gemologist at Mischava Jewellery. Sometimes I sell, trade, invest in diamonds and other stuff for good people. Sometimes I just clean @$%^& for my dogs – Sassy, Jacy & Bella. Ok I know, I’ll stop right here :)

Thanks for dropping by,
Jacqie xXo

One response to “About Jacqueline

  1. Looove your about text, baby!

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